Effectively Manage Subscription, Design Packages, Carry out Maintenance, Grow Sales
Core elements of the software
These area core elements enrich the value offering of Bysness ERP for industry name.
Gallery Management
Effective Gallery Management allows you to gather local trust for your brand. Bysness ERP allows you to create galleries, mark personnel that you deploy there, and track each of day-today activities that take place.
Point of Sales
Bysness ERP for Telecommunication and Networking provides a powerful PoS app that you can install on your last-mile salesmen. This way they can help you quickly expand your network, and yet allow you to be in total control
Resellers Platform
Bysness ERP allows you to bring your resellers to the ecosystem by allowing them to sell your services, and yet make basic operations such as managing limited, censored information about the subscribers.
Manage Sales Teams
For your industry, effective sales teams are very important. Using a powerful Customer Relationship Management module of Bysness ERP, you can setup and oversee Sales and distribute roles and responsibilities. Each sale made by your sales teams gets tagged with the person who was made it, so that you can automatically calculate commissions.
Interactive Voice Response System
You can easily setup an interactive voice response system that will allow your customers to gather information about their account, and if required make the permitted changes in their billing, service, or auxiliary packages.
Automate Prepaid and Postpaid Billing
Bysness ERP enables you to allow your customers to pay for your telecommunications and network services online using popular payment methods such as internet banking, credit and debit cards, and cryptocurrency wallets.
Design, Enforce Packages and Usage Limits
Based on analytics provided by Bysness ERP, you can design competitive packages that you customers will be excited about. You can allow your customers to change the packages by themselves using simple steps using SMS, Email, or Web. Each package can have usage limits, FUPs, auxiliary services, and expiry or seasonal dates.
Add, Verify, Retain Subscribers
Bysness ERP for Telecommunication and Networking allows you to quickly add subscribers, and upload their documents, and automatically handles pipelining based on first-come first-serve and priority of verification. Using the Subscription Management module of Bysness ERP will allow you to manage data of your customer for the lifetime.
Increase Productivity & Work-Place Control
There are many variations and combinations that can be tried.
Fast and Accurate Salary Processing
Salary processing with Bysness ERP is super simple and accurate. By allowing linking with Work Orders, you can be free from hassles of incorrectly processing salaries for your deployed personnel.
Control over Who Sees What
Your IT team will always be in charge of who in your company gets to see what information. This way you can protect it from getting in the wrong hands.
Employee Activity and Location Tracking
Operation Teams need heavy management. By installing Bysness ERP app on the phones of your employees, you get to track and hold them responsible for their daily activities.
Problems Solved
This solution is focused to treat the problems faced by this industry name.
Grow Sales through Optimized Distribution
Each area receives different kind of traction and interest for the services you provide. Based on data collected by Bysness ERP through different modules, it allows you to visualize the optimum distribution points on a geographical map, so that you can plan to move your distribution where most sales traction is received.
Legal Agreements and Compliances
Bysness ERP for Telecommunication and Networking includes support for adding and maintaining formalities and compliances that you’re required to do with the government and municipalities. You can setup recurrence of these compliances so Bysness ERP can remind you when it’s time. Bysness ERP also comes with support for Legal drafting so that you can generate agreements for each service that you sell.
Create a Tighter Security Infrastructure
Cyber threats, and vulnerabilities have made a negative impact on Telecommunications and Networking industry. Bynsess ERP allows you to perform security audits on itself and other software that you use, so that you can maintain the privacy of your customers, and stick to your commitments of providing a secure service.
Improve Quality of Service
Quality of Service is a matter of concern for this industry. We understand that customers truly care about the return of investment that they make in your company. Therefore, Bysness ERP continually keeps you informed, so that you can mitigate faults in your network infrastructure.
Analyze Budgets with Real, Accurate Data
By bringing all your sales points, personnel, galleries, day-to-day expenses, subscribers, vendors, dealers, packages, budgets into the system, Bysness ERP will deliver amazing trends and analytics that will allow you to take better decisions in the future.
Increase the Speed of Subscriber Management
Bysness ERP, due to its superior engineering, will be capable of handling hundreds of millions of subscribers without losing the speed and security of functioning. You can be rest assured that Bysness ERP will empower you accelerate your sales processes and reach better revenue heights.
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