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Core elements of the software
These area core elements enrich the value offering of Bysness ERP for industry name.
Legal Agreements and Compliances
Bysness ERP for Real Estate includes support for adding and maintaining formalities and compliances that you’re required to do with the government and municipalities. You can setup recurrence of these compliances so Bysness ERP can remind you when it’s time. Bysness ERP also comes with support for Legal drafting so that you can generate agreements for each unit that you sell.
Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural, or Warehousing
Bysness ERP for Real Estate comes with data structures tolerant for different types of properties. For example, Residential attributes allow you to create and manage flats and apartments, Industrial attributes allow you to setup factory units. Agricultural attributes allow you to split lands, and warehousing attributes allow you to specify offloading spaces etc.
Support for Turn-key Infrastructure Projects
Turn-key projects require you to manage all activities of construction from the start of till the end. This means that you need to bring in as much information about your work as possible into the digital world. Bysness ERP for Real Estate allows you to do that very easily by allowing you to construct a Turn-key project and update its progress day-to-day.
Financial and Management Accounting
Massive Projects require massive planning. Bysness ERP’s Management Accounting is built to show you your financial strengths and liabilities when you need so that you can take more strategic decision and avoid risks.
Management of Manpower
Regardless of whether you have tens of workers or thousands, you can effectively manage and monitor their daily work using Manpower Management features of Bysness ERP for Real Estate. You can then focus your follow ups on people who need it most.
Construction Budget Management
Sticking to the budget is the most difficult task in Real Estate, and to help you, Bysness ERP provides a flexible but structural budget planning interface for each of your projects. Monitoring your spend has never been easier; once your staff starts operating this module, you’ll notice the difference in no time!
Spaces, Geographies, and Architecture
Created especially for builders and infrastructure developers, Bysness ERP for Real Estate will allow you to creatively specify geographies that your construction has spread out to using Maps, and allow you to create architectural layouts over those maps. This makes it easy to visualize your projects better.
Comprehensive Lead Data Gathering
If your company is a construction company that is responsible for selling its units, then Lead Data Gathering is a fundamental element for you. With this feature, Bysness ERP will be able to build analytics of what kind of people are more interested in buying / renting your units. You can then adjust your targeting accordingly.
Increase Productivity & Work-Place Control
There are many variations and combinations that can be tried.
Fast and Accurate Salary Processing
Salary processing with Bysness ERP is super simple and accurate. By allowing linking with Work Orders, you can be free from hassles of incorrectly processing salaries for your deployed personnel.
Control over Who Sees What
Your IT team will always be in charge of who in your company gets to see what information. This way you can protect it from getting in the wrong hands.
Employee Activity and Location Tracking
Operation Teams need heavy management. By installing Bysness ERP app on the phones of your employees, you get to track and hold them responsible for their daily activities.
Problems Solved
This solution is focused to treat the problems faced by this industry name.
Watch your company grow on TV
Bysness ERP comes with a comprehensive business intelligence, analytics, and monitoring app that can be installed on Smart TVs. This app highlights urgent problems that need your attention and prompts to take action. This app also allows you a holistic view of all the different aspects that matter to your business growth, such as your financials, business development statistics, employee performance, customer feedback, operational failures etc.
Be the Judge of Your Costs
We know that construction business involves burning cash on a daily basis, therefore Bysness ERP for Real Estate contains an interface to log daily expenditures in a categorical manner so that you are always up to the speed about how much money you would spend in the coming days.
Never Miss Compliances
With automatic reminders for compliances, Bysness ERP will never let you miss their dates. Compliance work can be added as one of their duties for your management staff. This will make it easier for your company to have multiple people responsible for managing one-time as well as project-wise compliances.
Control Marketing Budgets
How do you know which marketing campaigns and advertising slots have worked the best? Bysness ERP for Real Estate shows you the performance of each of your marketing and advertising campaigns based on the number of leads and sales they have brought in, so that you are in control of your marketing budgets.
Build a Better Sales Team
Managing your sales team must not be an easy task, but with CRM of Bysness ERP for Real Estate, you will never miss a detail. From calls to emails, you’ll always be up to the speed. You can create teams based on geographical zones, types of properties, cities, and other factors. Bysness ERP allows you to give targets to your sales teams so that you know which team is performing better than others.
Oversee Construction Operations
As your construct your properties, by making your staff use Bysness ERP, you safeguard the possibilities of operational failures, and build a high productivity grade in your company. See the progress in real-time as your dream projects get completed.
Easily Track Who’s Interested
Using Customer Relationship Management module of Bysness ERP for Real Estate, Build a database of potential customers and sort them based on their real-estate expectations, financial capability, family background, current properties, assets, business background, and various other factors.
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