Maintain Client Relationships, Improve Service Quality, and Sustain Workforce
Core elements of the software
These area core elements enrich the value offering of Bysness ERP for industry name.
Storage Drive, File sharing
Bysness ERP for Professional and Consulting Services comes with a full-fledged cloud drive where your company can maintain a secure central storage for all your and your clients’ documents. Each employee gets access to their separate folders so that files do not get mixed.
Raise Invoices and Remind for Payments
You can set up a schedule for each of your contracts and projects such that, after your approval, you can automatically raise and send invoices to your customers via email. With your permission, Bysness ERP will routinely remind your customers for payment so that you don’t have to do that tedious job.
Easier Digital Marketing
Using Bysness ERP, you can create social media articles within the software, which will post it to hundreds of various social media accounts that you link. This saves your social media team their time, and allows you to track how well your brand is doing on the world-wide web.
Employee Productivity Metering
Each employee’s performance is metered by Bysness ERP so that you can promote the great ones and discipline the bad ones. Productivity Meter feature considers inputs from various sources like their clock-in and clock-out time and their activities on the software.
Easily Maintain Work-hour Sheets
Making sure that your staff is not wasting valuable time is now easy with simple work-hour sheets that they can update on Bysness ERP. This element makes it easy for your managers to judge how your employees are spending the time at work.
Scope of Work and Scope Limitations
Create a Scope of your work so that your client and you can stay on the same page. This will allow you stay profitable and avoid any hidden expenditures that the client would have otherwise made you face. Scope of Work can be shared with your client via email, SMS, or a URL link.
Create Teams, Delegate Tasks
Bysness ERP for Professional and Consultancy Services comes with a strong project management system where you can create teams and delegate them tasks with deadlines. The assigned employees will be prompted routinely to finish their tasks.
Customer Engagement
Bysness ERP allows you to continuously monitor your engagement with customers so that they always stay informed about the progress of their services, and allows you to establish a trustworthy brand in the market.
Increase Productivity & Work-Place Control
There are many variations and combinations that can be tried.
Fast and Accurate Salary Processing
Salary processing with Bysness ERP is super simple and accurate. By allowing linking with Work Orders, you can be free from hassles of incorrectly processing salaries for your deployed personnel.
Control over Who Sees What
Your IT team will always be in charge of who in your company gets to see what information. This way you can protect it from getting in the wrong hands.
Employee Activity and Location Tracking
Operation Teams need heavy management. By installing Bysness ERP app on the phones of your employees, you get to track and hold them responsible for their daily activities.
Problems Solved
This solution is focused to treat the problems faced by this industry name.
Digitally Request Payments
Offload the tedious job of reminding customers about pending payments to Bysness ERP. Once you set up a contract and its payments schedule in the CRM, the software will automatically notify clients about pending bills. This takes one thing off of your plate and allows you to focus on your professional service.
Address Customer Queries Faster
Companies offering Professional and Consulting Services have to be quick to react to customer’s requests and queries in order to make an impact and sustain a positive impression. Use Bysness ERP’s Customer Relationship Management to log and react to customer’s responses so that you never miss a word that was exchanged.
Easily share files with Clients
Most professional and consulting services require a lot of documentation. Instead of stacking all your documents on your local computer, you can use Bysness ERP’s user-friendly document editing and file storage capabilities to keep your digital environment clutter-free.
Keep a record of all developments
When you finish a milestone of your scope of work, you can communicate such a great news to your client from within the software. Clients and your teams can then create a story of progress using such developmental updates.
Make and Sustain Great Teams
Nurturing a team involves knowing what each employee’s daily target is, and being able to follow up with them about its progress. Bysness ERP for Professional and Consulting Services comes with a comprehensive Project Management platform that you can use to always create teams that suit the task at hand and get the work done. You’ll be able communicate with your teams digitally, and you’ll get notified as tasks get completed.
Use Scope of Work to create Specific Deliverables
While Signing a Contract with your customer, you can mutually decide on a scope of work that you need undertake in order to prevent undocumented and unaccounted workload. Bysness ERP allows you to share this scope of work with your clients so that it becomes a solid piece of write-up that you stick to.
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