Schedule your Video Content, Analyze reception, Prioritize Advertisers, Streamline Sources
Core elements of the software
These area core elements enrich the value offering of Bysness ERP for industry name.
Advertising Management: Prioritizing, Scheduling, Slot Allocation
No need of allocating slots manually. With Bysness ERP, you get a platform to effectively plan and allocate your publishing content as well as advertisements. Advertising Management in Bysness ERP allows you to prioritize advertisements and pure content as per public demand and advertising budgets.
Digitally approve content
Bysness ERP for Entertainment and Publishing allows you to setup approval hierarchies such that only after receiving an active approval from each person in the hierarchy, will the content be allowed to be finalized for publishing.
Multi-language Support
Bysness ERP for Entertainment and Publishing strongly focuses on compatibility with multiple languages with full support for scripts such as Latin, Devanagari, Cyrillic, Logographic (e.g. Chinese and Japanese)
Real-time Grammar Check
Ask all your content teams to use Bysness ERP’s Real-time Grammar Check to be assured about the quality of the text that you publish.
News Aggregation and Comparison
Find related news from your news database, and compare it to match facts and figures. Bysness ERP enables you to maintain a high accuracy with respects to previously published and yet to be published facts.
News Sourcing: Reporters, Editors, and Support Staff
Use Bysness ERP for Entertainment and Publishing to allow sourcing news from different sources including the web, apps, email, and text. News Sourcing platform of Bysness ERP is a comprehensive and collaborative platform your entire company can brainstorm without having to schedule meetings.
Credit Management
Keep track of all sorts of credits given and deducted to your advertisers so that you always know who owes your company how much money. Credit Management allows you to allocate the right amount of airtime to each advertiser based on their metics.
Television TRP Analysis
Collect TRP ratings from different third party software and easily import it in real-time to Bysness ERP. This will allow you to easily visualize which components of your television schedule are doing better or worse.
Television News: Real-time News Database
Source, correct, and publish news from internal and external reporters and outlets easily from the comprehensive television news database managed by Bysness ERP. Easily allow or deny access to content to specific personnel on your team.
Sitcoms and Shows: Programs, Seasons, Episodes
Bysness ERP for Entertainment and Publishing comes with a detailed, structured information management system for managing programs, their seasons, and episodes. This allows you to hold the production company accountable for acting salaries, equipment rentals, and one-time purchases.
Increase Productivity & Work-Place Control
There are many variations and combinations that can be tried.
Fast and Accurate Salary Processing
Salary processing with Bysness ERP is super simple and accurate. By allowing linking with Work Orders, you can be free from hassles of incorrectly processing salaries for your deployed personnel.
Control over Who Sees What
Your IT team will always be in charge of who in your company gets to see what information. This way you can protect it from getting in the wrong hands.
Employee Activity and Location Tracking
Operation Teams need heavy management. By installing Bysness ERP app on the phones of your employees, you get to track and hold them responsible for their daily activities.
Problems Solved
This solution is focused to treat the problems faced by this industry name.
Watch your company grow on TV
Bysness ERP comes with a comprehensive business intelligence, analytics, and monitoring app that can be installed on Smart TVs. This app highlights urgent problems that need your attention and prompts to take action. This app also allows you a holistic view of all the different aspects that matter to your business growth, such as your financials, business development statistics, employee performance, customer feedback, operational failures etc.
Define duties and roles
Each employee of your company should be clear about precisely what they are supposed do as part of their routine work schedule. Without duties and roles, employees end up working on unnecessary things and waste company resources. Therefore Bysness ERP makes sure to regularly remind each employee about performing their defined duties while fulfilling their roles.
Hold your staff responsible
Make sure your reporters and support staff on company duty are spending your company’s time valuably. Bysness ERP comes with an App that your team can use to clock in and out of your office and check in and out at places they visit to collect content or to report events. This way you will always know where each of your staff member is and for what.
Aggregate Content from your Creative Vendors
When you’re a publishing company, your content comes from many directions. It’s important to aggregate content in a single repository that acts as a knowledge-base for your organization. Bysness ERP comes with a comprehensive content aggregation platform that your direct and indirect sources can use to send you content. The content gets tagged automatically and intelligent checks can be made on it.
Auto-deduct Advertisement Credits
You can give access to Bysness ERP to your vendors and advertisers so that they can keep track of their spend and pay you online directly from the system. This will save you and your clients the time required to negotiate the costs and follow up for bills.
Know your Real-time Impact
How are your shows doing? How well are your articles being received? Are you portraying a positive brand to your audience? Bysness ERP allows you to answer all these questions by giving you real-time updates about the impact of your content.
Integrate with Video Editing Software
Bysness ERP for Entertainment and Publishing easily integrates with third party video editing software so that you don’t have to retain the talent that your video editing team has. This integration comes with the ability to change real-time video casts straight from Bysness ERP for urgent broadcasts.
Freely Invent Advertising Programs
Advertising programs and marketing campaigns need a lot of audience-focused research. Bysness ERP for Entertainment and Publishing provides you more inputs than conventionally available so that you can use that information to invent more creative advertising campaigns.
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