Design Innovative Courses, Manage Student Activities, Increase Teachers’ Productivity
Core elements of the software
These area core elements enrich the value offering of Bysness ERP for industry name.
Alumni Management
Your Alumni can stay connected to your institution even after passing by having an Alumni account. Whenever you host Alumni events, all the joined members will get notified, and their RSVP can be collected virtually. This allows you to create a lasting impression about the brand of your institution among your students, and create trust among them.
Institution-wise Mailbox
A great feature of Bysness ERP for Education and Training is, all members, including teachers, students, assistants, admin staff get a mailbox with your an official email ID. Bysness ERP for Education and Training provides an easy way to create, disable, and terminate these mailboxes on the fly as students and teachers join and leave your institution. This makes formal and professional communication quite effective.
Communication with Parents and Guardians
When you’re dealing students pursuing formal, long-duration courses, it’s important to engage with parents and guardians and keep them updated about their child’s progress. Bysness ERP allows you to maintain correspondence with parents and guardians so that you can conveniently relay updates about classes, holidays, homework, grades and more..
ID Card Generation
Your new students can be issued Identity Cards straight from Bysness ERP. This way you don’t need to ask anyone to manually do it for you. This creates a better impression among students and lets you save on administration work.
Study Groups and Collaboration
Students can create study groups using the software and collaborate to finish their coursework directly on Bysness ERP for Education and Training. You as a moderator can set the tone for these groups so that the focus to achieve grades is maintained.
Online Results, Transcripts, and Course Schedule
Students that have graduated or finished the course will be waiting for their diploma, degree, or certificates. If you’re institution is a university, then they’ll even want to get a hold of their transcripts. Bysness ERP for Education and Training provides full support for transcript request submission, acquiring results, hall tickets, and optionally allows students to change their course schedule.
Online Exams and Quizzes
Bysness ERP for Education and Training allows you to conduct tests and quizzes online with or without moderation so that you can increase the speed of examination, verification, and results cycle. Teachers can use Bysness ERP to grade quizzes and comment on individual student submissions to increase activity.
Your Own Online Book Store and Provide Auxiliary Services
Your institution can start an online book store and make it easy for your students to procure books from it. The Online Book Store provided by Bysness ERP automates the supply-chain process needed to acquire books, store them in inventory, and dispatch them when ordered.
Course Designing
You might be the sole decision maker of a course, or you may have to confer with regulations in order to create government compliant courses. Bysness ERP for Education and Training comes with a comprehensive course designing platform where you’ll be able to create course components, decide teaching and testing hours for each course component, and create its teaching schedule.
Teachers’ Hierarchy
By creating a hierarchy for teachers, you can create Teaching Assistants, Associate Professors, Professors, Assistant Heads of Departments, Heads of Departments, Vice Principals, and Principals. This way each designation can have decided decision making powers. Bysness ERP allows you to set roles and assign your teaching staff to these roles.
Courses, Batches, Branches, Divisions, and Subjects
With Bysness ERP for Education and Training, you can create batches, stream-wise branches, and divisions within the batches. Followed by that, you will be creating subjects that are taught during a course batch, and assign teachers for that subject, batch, and division.
Single-Sign-on For Teachers, Students, Counsellors, Admin Staff
Bysness ERP for Education and Training includes a configurable single-sign-on system so that your teachers, students, counsellors, administrative staff, and guests can sign in to the software from anywhere, and on any device. This makes it easy for your institution to take all your processes into the system.
Increase Productivity & Work-Place Control
There are many variations and combinations that can be tried.
Fast and Accurate Salary Processing
Salary processing with Bysness ERP is super simple and accurate. By allowing linking with Work Orders, you can be free from hassles of incorrectly processing salaries for your deployed personnel.
Control over Who Sees What
Your IT team will always be in charge of who in your company gets to see what information. This way you can protect it from getting in the wrong hands.
Employee Activity and Location Tracking
Operation Teams need heavy management. By installing Bysness ERP app on the phones of your employees, you get to track and hold them responsible for their daily activities.
Problems Solved
This solution is focused to treat the problems faced by this industry name.
Watch your Institution grow on TV
Bysness ERP comes with a comprehensive business intelligence, analytics, and monitoring app that can be installed on Smart TVs. This app highlights urgent problems that need your attention and prompts to take action. This app also allows you a holistic view of all the different aspects that matter to your business growth, such as your financials, business development statistics, employee performance, customer feedback, operational failures etc
Sustain your Institutional Image
Your brand value is the most important factor of why your students will get attracted to your institution. Along with all the quality education and training that you provide with sheer hard-work, you can also create awareness about your techniques and specialties of equipment and experts of your institution by creating a presence of your brand on social media.
Allow Students to Rent and Buy Books
Why waste potential revenue when you can sell the books required for coursework all by yourself? Bysness ERP for Education and Training comes with a full-fledged book and accessory store, along with Supply-chain features so that students can order books in simple clicks, and your back-office staff or librarian can ship them.
Effectively Communicate with Parents, Guardians, and Students
When you’re teaching students below age 21, you’ll want to update parents about the child’s progress. Generally, this is done in face-to-face meetings with parents, but most times, parents are busy in their work-life and it’s not easy for them to take a leave and show up. Instead, you can communicate with parents digitally by sending them notifications and messages straight from Bysness ERP for Education and Training.
Make all Administrative Activities Digital
Generate identity cards, generate fee receipts, provide student scholarships, clear departmental endorsements, perform government compliances, organize events, note attendance, reimburse expenses, process salaries, all of this in simple steps, digitally.
Allow Students to Track Progress Online
Students these days, due to technology, lack patience to wait around for anything including results of the tests they have taken. By allowing teachers to grade online and students to perform homework online, you’re in a way satisfying students’ keen edge for technology and speeding up the process of grading cycle.
Create Teaching Plans and Unleash Teachers’ Creativity
Teachers love it when they’re offered the freedom to teach creatively. Bysness ERP comes with excellent tools for teachers to create teaching plans in advance so that they can keep up the pace of teaching their courses. Teachers can upload notes, hold tests, and grade students online. You, as administrator, can track what teachers are doing, and accept feedback from students about the teaching methods being used.
Get Your Entire Institution under the Digital Umbrella
By getting every single person who is connected to your organization by various responsibilities onto the ERP, you’re creating a digital umbrella where all the information is accessible at the speed of light. When you want to know how things are going with a particular student, a teacher, or even a gardner, all you have to do is open their profile on the software and see the status for yourself. By doing this, you also plug the communication gap that generally exists in educational institutions.
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